The green way to clean.

Make your own & natural cleaning products.

Change the 🌍 cleaning your 🏡



Learn to make your own home cleaning supplies, the easy & eco way.



Make them once per month and use them on cleaning sessions.



Refill your box with your custom needs and adopt green cleaning!

Your ready-step into
green cleaning

100% natural, conditioned in eco-packaging

To help you make your recipes

8 recipes fully explained to clean the entire house

Everything you need for 1 month of cleaning!

A simple step to a big impact

No chemicals

Cleaning supplies contain more than 500 chemicals and harmful substances. We don’t need them to clean!

No single-use plastic

They are very often packaged in single use plastics, that usually finish in the ocean. We don’t need that either!

Natural & zero-waste

All our ingredients are 100% natural, packaged in Bio, recycled or recyclable packaging. Simple & effective!

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