eco-friendly home cleaning

Cleaning has an impact – let's make it positive 🌱


We tested 100+ recipes to find the most easy and effective ones.


All ingredients are natural – no harmful chemicals, and nocive substances


One ZEROBOX makes it for 1 month of cleaning for a 2-person appartement

Zero Waste

Stop creating trashes while cleaning – all our packagings are recycled or recyclable.

Clean your 🏑
Change the 🌍

Break up with single-use plastics & chemicals - stop harming yourself and killing the earth while cleaning.

Short recipes
huge impact

We've built the recipes for you to clean your entire house with less than 10 ingredients!


For all the house

A simple step to a big impact

No chemicals

Cleaning supplies contain more than 500 chemicals and harmful substances. We don’t need them to clean!

No single-use plastic

They are very often packaged in single use plastics, that usually finish in the ocean. We don’t need that either!

Natural & zero-waste

All our ingredients are 100% natural, packaged in Bio, recycled or recyclable packaging. Simple & effective!

They turned to green cleaning

who we are

We are a group of green cleaners that tested many ways to clean our interiors better and naturally. We came out with the zerobox to share our recipes and spread the impact!

join the movement

You produce, disitribute or create content about natural home cleaning? You’d like to join our team?Β Let’s grab a coffee and join our forces together – there’s a lot to do!